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If you are not familiar with foot reflexology, here are a couple of interesting and informative websites you may want to visit. There are numerous explanations and descriptions with research and statistical results about what has been achieved or claimed to have been achieved through foot reflexology. We would like to have you examine some of this material for yourself and let you draw your own conclusions before or while you come to us for your foot reflexology sessions. Interesting terms, definitions, descriptions, studies and points of interest about foot reflexology can be found at https://www.reflexology-research.com It appears to be well documented and I have no knowledge that would make me feel that any information at the site is not factual and reliable. If you wish to visit the site you can click on the following link right now https://www.reflexology-research.com or cut and paste it into your browser’s address bar. Wikipedia, the famous online encyclopedia has something to say about the subject as well. You may want to take a look at what their comments are to see if there are any obvious contradictions. Click on the following link to go to Wikipedia https://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reflexology

TUI NA (Tuina or body work, as many know it) goes hand and hand with foot reflexology and is very popular among people who are looking for wellness. There is a strong description to help you understand it better Tui Na at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine which you can go to by clicking: https://www.pacificcollege.edu/acupuncture-massage-news/articles/913-benefits-of-tui-na-massage.html. Wikipedia also describes Tui Na as well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tui_na We have added BODY WORK to our Foot Reflexology sessions to offer you one, or the other, or both for your own specific WELLNESS PROGRAM. Choose what you feel is best for your particular needs. To go right to our various pricing packages CLICK HERE! We use a combination of acupressure and/or manipulation of the body. You do not have to undress. This usually helps to make folks more relaxed and at ease.

AROMATHERAPY: We now have essential oils used in Aromatherapy at our location. For a full description of what Aromatherapy is, go to Wikipedia and read their definition: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aromatherapy


"The absolute best massage experience!! I have never reviewed a product or service before but I am compelled to write one now so that the world can know what an incredible massage place this is. If you want a deep tissue massage, or not, but if you want to be transported to a different world, this is the place to go. There are no membership requirements (unlike the corporate massage spas) and appointments are readily available (this will soon be in the past though). I have been to this place several times now and I have never been disappointed. The first thing you notice when you enter the spa is how well kept the place is. The people who work here are welcoming, humble, sincere and dedicated. Massage options vary from feet-focused to full body, from non-oil based to oil massage and combos in between. They also have the option of couple’s massage. As you sit in the tranquil environs of the massage room, with your feet soaked in a warm water bath infused with a salt of your choice, the massage begins from the scalp gradually moving towards your feet. As the session progresses you will be moved from a seated position to a lying down position, face up and face down, thus ensuring that every muscle group in your body has been worked on. The therapists understand the anatomy well, and based on your needs and requests, can adjust the pressure to make the massage comfortable and effective. They will also engage the acupressure points that help relieve stress, open your chakras and optimize the flow of energy through your body. Their massage will not only relieve the soreness in your body but it will also invigorate your soul. Highly recommend this place. You just cannot go wrong with them."

Manik Razdan

"Was not like any massage I’ve had before--and I can’t wait to go back!! Absolutely amazing experience! Head to toe-wonderful! I was tempted by the specials but got the 1 hr Combo with oil from Ci Ci!! Highly recommend!!"

Laura Fein

"You won’t find a better reflexology spa in the Saugus Area. Simply Amazing! Very professional male and female staff who are highly experienced in massage and reflexology. They offer several different massage choice and are reasonably priced. They are consistently located on Rte 1 North bound in Saugus, MA. They are usually very busy so I highly recommend calling first to make an appointment. I’ve been here many times with friends and family and everyone I bring here raves about the massage they provide. If you’re looking to relax and relieve some stress then Footworx Reflexology is all you need. Give them a try, your body will Thank you later."

Bruce Aleo

"Wow! This was EVERYTHING! Absolutely amazing work by Lucy. I work on my feet long hours and use my hands and wrists a lot. I got the back & feet combo. I was only expecting a little back rub and a foot massage but omg this was basically full body work. Best massage I’ve ever ever gotten! She gave me a head massage that was unreal. I still had makeup on from the day but she even gives your face a massage! Got all my knots out of my back, lower back, and I even had a sciatic pain that she targeted! She took her time, was strong from beginning to end. I recommend coming in with no makeup, clean hair, loose fitting clothes (sports bra would be best), no necklaces- so she can do her job effortlessly! Lucy is my girl!"


"I feel so strongly about this place. I've been to Reflexology appointments at other locations/businesses before, but Footworx is far superior. I'm incredibly lucky that it's 5 min. from my home, and I hope to visit monthly from here on out. The place is beautifully appointed, very, very clean, and the staff is incredibly professional. I've been twice now for reflexology, and couldn't be happier. The added bonus of hot stones is really a huge plus, and both therapists I've had have been incredibly intuitive as to where I needed attention, rather than following a standard routine. I truly wish the best for this business and can't wait to go back. Key words: Professional....Clean.....Affordable.....Relaxing"

Scott McAllister-Dionne

"Wow, wow, wow! Treat yourself immediately! I loved everything from the atmosphere, foot soak in flower petals, to the green tea, the combo foot and back, Will has magic hands ! Walked out feeling light as feather & all aches and pains are gone! Pressure point massage is the way to go, wear a tshirt & sweats & get ready to say good bye to all pain & stress. This is not a get naked oil rub down. It is 100 times better! The combo back & feet for 1 hour was perfect, although I could have taken another hour :)"


"Fabulous place.Friendly people always willing and able to make your visit a pleasant experience. They know what they're doing and will cure whatever issues you may have. My sore feet and back look forward to visits here on a monthly basis !!!!!"

Michael Devito

"Always a great experience! I been here three times excellent massage therapist, spa is clean and relaxing I always walk out brand new. Today I walked in with sciatic pain I couldn't stand on my feets the massage therapist took me in right away and fixed me great massage technics specially Tai massage it helped take pain away! Iam a massage therapist myself! So, I definitely recommned this place well worth visiting! Happy client!"


"Had 75 minutes of bliss. Very clean place.... They take you thru a routine that's very complete. Often asking if you're comfortable with the amount of pressure that they're using. And other than that there's no talking. It's as close to perfect as I know."

Mallory Russell