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In 2015 Footworx opened a Reflexology Center in Saugus Ma, since then thousands of customers have treated themselves to our pain and stress reducing methodology. The satisfaction and trust these customers felt, letting Footworx help them deal with life’s stresses and excesses, was evident in our extraordinary customer loyalty. This loyalty was sometimes manifest in long drives to visit our North Shore facility. To help alleviate this concern we have opened a second location, west of Boston, in Woburn. We will be offering the same soothing and therapeutic services that has made our first location an oasis of peace and relaxation in our consumers fast paced and hectic lifestyles.

Our spa would like to give you an opportunity to escape the harsh realities of today’s hectic world and hearken back to the simpler and more refined pleasures of the senses. Aromatherapy and reflexology have been used throughout Asia for millennium to stimulate positive endocrine production, enhance well-being, alleviate physical pain, and reduce mental stress. These gifts you give yourself will ultimately increase and enhance focus, productivity, health, and the ability to deal with life’s difficulties.

Footworx Reflexology brings you many years of experience in foot reflexology as it was passed on down for many generations in the Orient. With this in mind, when you come to Footworx, you will receive a foot reflexology session the way it has been practiced for generations.

All sessions are conducted at our modern facilities located in Saugus or Woburn. Everything is set up to allow you to relax in a comfortable position and enjoy the benefits of foot reflexology in a very relaxing environment.

Any locations with similar names other than our Saugus and Woburn locations are not part of our company and do not represent us in any way.

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